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Hello, I am Andrea


I work with people who suffer with IBS, mental fog, gas, bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, fatigue and skin conditions. Their goal is to be pain free, energized, more regular, with a flat tummy and clear mind and without having to stop work or social life or have to sacrifice eating well. As a result, my clients tend to have more energy, clearer minds, and improved symptoms. 

My mission when working with clients - whether that's in my Functional Medicine clinic in Hampton Wick, the Harley Street Wellbeing Clinic or in my virtual clinic online - is to help them to find the root cause of their symptoms, educate them about what might be going on in their bodies and to inspire them to get on a journey with a personalized plan that fits their schedule.


I know how you feel

I have spent years in clinic working with clients with tummy problems just like you after I have found the root cause of my severe eczema I suffered with for 30 years.


Healing my gut and detoxifying my body not just cleared my skin problems, but made me lose weight, gave me much energy and my mental fog lifted. Even my self-esteem improved and I started to enjoy socializing and eating well. 

​Going through such a transformation myself I got very passionate about helping people achieve similar results. First I became a Colonic Hydrotherapist, as that was one of the procedures that quick started my health journey. Later I became a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach.

How I support my clients

However, when started to work with clients I soon realized I would like to help them at a deeper level and decided to become a Nutritional Therapist applying Functional Medicine framework by considering that the symptoms are the results of imbalances in your body and rather than treating the specific symptoms themselves, nutrition professionals try to understand the root cause of the problem and base their programmes around that.

What is unique about my approach is by using positive psychology and coaching I inspire and motivate my clients to achieve their goals by helping them to break down their plan into manageable pieces. I combine nutritional therapy and coaching (behaviour change) in a 12-week programme to give you continuous support through your journey. This approach is very successful with my clients, they never feel alone not knowing what  and how to incorporate sustainable diet and lifestyle changes. We work towards an achievable goal by the end of the programme. 

If you would like to understand the root cause of your symptoms and work on a three-month plan to achieve specific goals, don't look any further. Book a free call where we can discuss your symptoms and learn about what might be going on in your body. I am here to help uncover the imbalances causing your symptoms. 


What if you could fix your digestion naturally? 

Are you tired of feeling bloated every time you eat any food and worried to have the most embarrassing symptoms when you have an important meeting to attend? I've got you covered. Download this free eBook to learn what to do to achieve a better digestion naturally.   

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