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3D Body Scanning is a simple and harmless infrared scan (taking less than 35 seconds) that recreates your body in 3D and shows you how your shape is changing over time.


Weight scales often mislead you into thinking you're not making any progress. Track your progress and monitor your body shape and dimensions with Styku. It can extract your waist, hips, thighs, body fat% and more with medical grade precision. 

Set goals with our fat-loss and calorie counter. Styku collects and displays data, shape, body composition and other information that can track the changes in your body as it responds to exercise and nutritional guidance. See your progress over time as you've never seen before.

This cutting edge health and body technology allows us to create customised programmes and approaches. 

Book your scan including analysis with every scan

(and 12-week action plan and 4 different weekly diet plans for your caloric requirements included with the first scan

1 scan for £90 + £25 (plan)

2 scans for £150

3 scans £200

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How do you use your 3D Body Scan? 

Getting your scan is fast and easy, but the information you can

get from your analysis can be used in a variety of ways: 


Track your fitness progress

Get a visual on your weight loss efforts

Give your Nutritional Therapist  (NT) detailed information on your physical condition

and much more...


Facts about the scanner:
It's harmless - the light coming from the sensor is completely non-invasive

and it won't hurt you. You can even look at it without damaging your eyes.

It's the same kind of light coming from your TV remote control.

Pregnant women or people with pacemakers can also be scanned.

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